Monday, 15 December 2008

Wire Boutique at Ilford Craft Market

On the 12th of December we (anna of Blue almonds, who'd travelled all the way down from Inverness, and I) braved the freezing temperatures and presented our full range of exquisite wire-wrapped gemstone jewellery at the Christmas craft market in Ilford. It was absolutely FREEZING!

I'll be back again on Friday the 19th December, wearing considerably more clothing and will be offering a Christmas discount of 10% on all items!
I'll also be appearing the following day, Saturday the 20th of December, at the craft fair held in the newly opened art gallery on the third floor of the old Harrison Gibson department store - 193 Ilford High Road. There's a cafeteria and it's nice and warm so an ideal time to come and see the jewellery in person.