Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Morelia Viridis - By Mgypsy

Measurements: The snake is 6.8 cm long. The focal Lemon Quartz measures 13x15 mm. The chain is 18 cm.
Materials: Eye clean Oro Verde lemon Quartz, sterling silver.
This unique serpent-like necklace has been named after a beautiful yellow-green tree python. Its central part features a flawless Oro Verde lemon Quartz faceted heart briolette, which has been placed in a soldered frame. I spent around eight hours carefully weaving and coiling the frame. The necklace has been oxidised and hand polished.

Aegean Rose - By Amari

Measurements: The bracelet measures 18cm from end to end (this can be adjusted if required), the focal bead measures approx 12mm across.
Materials: Gold filled wire, blue chalcedony and garnet.
Made to complement the 'Persephone' earrings, this romantic and feminine bracelet has been completely handcrafted from gold filled wire, including the clasp. I have added deep ruby-rose garnets, and delicate pale blue chalcedony wrapped onto the handmade components with fine gauge wire, finished with a pretty diamond-shaped faceted blue chalcedony briolette.

Ruby Temptation - By Blue Almonds

Measurements: the focal motif is 5cm/2” long and 4cm/1.6” at the widest point; the focal Golden Rutile Quartz cabochon is 2.7cm/1” long; the chain measures 64cm/25.6”
Materials: eye clean Golden Rutile Quartz, smooth Rubies, sterling silver and fine silver This is another fruity design for this autumn - Ruby Temptation. The focal motif was hand formed into an apple shape which holds in the centre quartz cabochon - glowing with inner light and with golden needle inclusions of rutile. Wire wrapped with fine silver and sterling silver the pendant was decorated with vibrant red rubies as well as the chain and the hand made clasp which was embellished with one ruby bead.

Birch Leaves - By Små Blå

Meaurements: Drop 8 cm Circles outer diameter about 1.7mm
Materials: Sterling silver wire, green Tourmaline faceted briolettes
Description: “… I'd like to go by climbing a birch tree~ And climb black branches up a snow-white trunk Toward heaven, till the tree could bear no more, But dipped its top and set me down again. That would be good both going and coming back. One could do worse than be a swinger of birches.” Birches by Robert Frost
Once again Robert Frost proved to be a source of inspiration and once again leaves play the dominant part in these earrings, full of texture and movement. The leaves are all handmade from scratch in sterling silver wire and then wrapped to a simple textured sterling silver chain. The chains hang from double wrapped circles and here and there gorgeous green Tourmaline briolettes pop out. The earrings are quite heavily oxidised and the green gemstones give a soft hint of sparkle and colour among the leaves.

Lobelia Erinus - By Mgypsy

Measurements: The central wired focal measures 3.2 x 4 cm, the bracelet is 15 cm long.
Materials: Sterling and fine silver, apatite
Description: This hand-formed organic bangle bracelet has been made with sterling and fine silver wire freely woven around soldered silver base. Sea blue apatite rondelles have been woven among ornate vines in the central part. The bracelet is 15cm long and can be adjusted to different wrist sizes. The bracelet has been heavily oxidised and hand polished.

Persephone - By Amari

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Queen Of Castile - By Gemheaven

Queen Of Castille - By Eclettica
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
A glorious opulent necklace named after Queen Isabella I of Spain. With rich golden citrine and warm colours of hessonite garnet and the magic of Boro artisan glass beads by UK Artist Becky Fairclough. The focal is a hand- crafted wire flower shape with soldered pebble centre, a rich marquis shaped citrine focal surrounded by Hessonite Garnet to sit on your neckline. The rich collection of gems, including hessonite garnet, golden citrine chandelier briolettes and heart-shaped citrine briolettes are wire-wrapped onto a sterling chain to create a fluid but wonderfully warm and enticing necklace.
The necklace's need, for full glamorous effect, is to sit at the base of the neck - so this necklace will be finished to your own measurements. This will take an extra 24 hours in addition to the stated delivery time.
Focal measurements - 5.5cm /2.5" (This includes the wire focal)
Citrine focal -1" approx 2.5cm
Boro beads approx 10mm
Length of gem filled chain is approx 3.5" / 9cm

Lost In A dream - By Orgellan ***NEW DESIGNER***

Lost In A Dream - By Orgellan
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
Ethereal blues, with vivid flashes of purple, red and electric flash greys - the 'Lost in a Dream' necklace is the latest addition to the 'Dreamcatcher' series. A new twist on my signature 'Dreamcatcher' weave, with a art deco injection, the focal has been created with handmade fine silver rings, woven with fine, and sterling silver wire. Set in the centre of the weave is a faceted Pink Tourmaline, with a magnificent midnight blue Kyanite below. A laden gemstone tassle of Kyanite, Labradorite, Garnet and Amethyst is suspended from below the 'dreamcatcher', with a dreamy, natural Chalcedony smooth briolette taking centre stage at the base of the piece. The pendant has been attached to lengths of sterling silver chain incorporated with coordinating gemstones. The necklace is fastened with a secure lobster clasp, and fitted with an extender chain finished with a Kyanite briolette. To finish the piece was oxidised and polished to a deep gunmetal grey, highlighting the bewitching dreamlike nature of the gems. Length: 16 inches (40cm) extending to 19 inches (48cm), the pendant measures approx 3 inches (7.5cm) in length.

Waxing Lyrical Over purple - By Eclettica

Waxing Lyrical Over purple - By Eclettica
Available Exclusively At
Measurements: 2.2" drop (5.5cm @ 55mm) drop (excluding Leverbacks) 1" across (2.55cm @ 25.5mm) at very widest Focal measures 0.75" x 0.5" (1.9cm x 1.3cm @ 19mm x 13mm)
Materials: AAA Flawless Laser Cut Amethyst Spade Briolettes, Polished Colombian Emerald Briolettes, Faceted Purple Garnet Briolettes, Polished Garnet Rounds, Carved Blue Sapphire Leaf Briolettes, Polished Green Tourmaline Briolettes, Polished Azurite Malachite Briolettes, 14K Gold Filled Seed Beads and 14K Rose Gold Filled Wire. Leverbacks are 14K Yellow Gold Filled.
Description: "When I am an old woman I shall wear loads of purple; With a red hat which doesn't go, or maybe a blue one, woohoo! And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves; And satin sandals, and some pretty purple lace knickers too!" These artisan wire-wrapped earrings are an ode to the colour purple. Lush whilst remaining exceedingly lightweight, they've been fashioned like the letter 'S' and royally flushed with a procession of Polished Dark Red Garnet Rounds. Peppered within their handcrafted midst are wee 14K Yellow Gold Filled Seed Beads, all leading to a dainty corsage a-blooming with Azurite Malachite, Colombian Emeralds, Green Tourmaline, Rare Purple Garnet Briolettes and beautifully faceted Carved Blue Sapphire Leaves. Note that fabulous, let me say it again, f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s AAA Flawless Laser Cut Amethyst Spade Focals which are, without a doubt, the leading stars in this ensemble.
Notes: This design is available for custom orders, in other metals and gems.

Tuvstarr - By SofiesC

Tuvstarr - By SofiesC
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
Meaurements: 3.9 cm in length and 1.1 in widthMaterials: Prasiolite (AKA Green Amethyst), Aquamarine, Sterling silver
These earrings were inspired by the artist John Bauers beautiful painting "Tuvstarr" where they also got their name. His paintings were often mystical and subdued in colors with amazing details.They are made from skratch with sterling silver wire serving as the base for the ear post and lots and lots of tiny silver beads ornating it. From the ear posts hang clusters of prasiolite and aquamarine rondels and to finish the earrings off I added a pair of beautiful prasiolite heart briolettes.There is a great deal of wire work put in to the earstuds that have been carefully coiled to look pretty even from the back. The earrings have also been oxidized and carefully polished to bring out details. This piece, as well as all other jewellery from SofiesC, is also available for custom orders in other sizes, beads or metals.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Sweet Violets - By Mgypsy

Sweet Violets - By Mgypsy
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
Measurements: Pendant length - 3.4 cm, chain length - 50 cm
Materials: Sterling and fine silver, Tanzanite
Description: This stunning and unique pendant necklace was created from a soldered sterling silver ring, decorated with beauitful lilac tanzanite faceted rondelles and both fine and sterling silver vines . This necklace is delicate and feminine with a slightly rustic feel and the chain and pendant have been oxidised and hand-polished.

Caribbean - By Mgypsy

Caribbean - By Mgypsy
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
Measurements: the focal part is 10 cm long and 1 cm thick, chain measures 35,5 cm.
Materials: sterling silver, rhodolite, tourmaline, spinel
Description: This unique hand-formed organic necklace has been created with round and flattened sterling silver wire. Little faceted blue tourmaline, red spinel and rhodolite rondelles have been added among the freely woven wires. The chain ends with a hand-shaped clasp.The necklace has been oxidised and polished.

***NEW** - Wire-Wrappers Social Networking Site!

Calling all wire-wrappers!
This weekend saw the launch of a new social networking site, set up, by myself, specifically for wire-wrappers to meet, chat and learn from each other.
You can upload images of your wire-wrapped jewellery/jewelry to your profile page (these photos are also displayed on the home page, along with everyone else's) to help promote your work, and you may comment on the work of others, as they may do on yours.
There's a live chat room, for friendly discussions with other members, and a forum, as well as an events page, where you may list craft events you will be attending.
You can add a badge to your website/myspace/facebook profiles, displaying a link to the site -and much more besides.
So, if you're a wire-wrapper, do join us in building this community - there is currently a competition running for inviting the most new members to the site - the prize is a goody-bag of quality semi-precious gemstone beads worth $50!

Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer - By
Meaurements: 56cm long Focal 5cm drop Biggest flower 3cm in diameter
Materials: 14K gold filled wire, 14K gold filled round beads, 14K gold filled textured chain, London Blue Topaz in two sizes, one flawless Whiskey Quartz smooth briolette
Description: “… And every fair from fair sometime declines, By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd; But thy eternal summer shall not fade, Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest; …”
Sonnet 18, William Shakespeare
This handmade, asymmetrical necklace in 14K gold filled wire and London Blue Topaz faceted rondelles, was inspired by sonnet no.18 by William Shakespeare, which is another of my favourite written pieces. No, it IS my favourite written piece. I recite it, quietly to myself many, many times each month and over the years I must have recited it hundreds of times. And how someone decided centuries ago, to put a few words together and with those words bring tears to my eyes today, is something I will never understand. I do hope I have done the sonnet justice.
I started by shaping the flowers and wire wrapped them in different looks and techniques to add texture and then added one gorgeous London Blue Topaz to each centre and embraced that topaz with a coil of wire. The larger of the flowers also got two round 14K gold filled beads and one smaller, slightly lighter in shade, London Blue Topaz on the petals. One of the flowers also doubles as the hook style clasp, with the hook hidden under the wrapping. The flowers are connected with a 14K gold filled chain that is slightly textured.
The focal is one of the flowers but with an addition of a flawless Whiskey Quartz smooth briolette. It is simply stunning. From the top of the briolette a little cascade of London Blue Topaz rondelles falls.
With the yellow gold and the blue topaz, it will be like wearing an eternal summer around your neck

Babooshka - By Eclettica
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique
When it's one of those days. Mental helter-skelter tangos with every other curve ball Life throws your way. When the lines between dark clouds and silver linings are blurred. And then, out of absolutely nowhere, there's a hint of sunshine. A glimpse of light. A ray of hope. Babooshka is just that. A lush yet sleek composition, this wristwrapper features an organic middle bit surrounded by tumultuous clusters of Iolites and Moonstones in Onion Briolettes as well as wee Rondelles. Joining the congregation too are Silver Keishi Pearls dotted with more Iolites, petite Silver Seed Pearls and sporadic placements of B&W Rutilated Quartz Briolettes. The centre wired focal measures 2" long (5cm) and, in its entirety, Babooshka is currently adjustable from 8" (20.4cm) to 10" (25.5cm). For a perfect fit, please provide your precise wrist measurement when ordering Babooshka. She was fashioned from 999 Fine and 925 Sterling Silver Wires.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Calling all wire-wrappers!

If you create wire-wrapped jewellery and are interested in applying for membership of our exclusive website, please get in touch with me (Cassandra Lewis, Site Manager) at:
You will need to provide close-up images of four pieces of recent work and pass a strict voting process where you are required to obtain a minimum of 80% yes votes from current members.
We also accept guest designers in 30 day slots if you would prefer to test the way the site works before applying as a full member.

Calla Lily - By Blue Almonds

Calla Lily - By Blue Almonds
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique

Measurements: the calla lily focal is 4.5cm / 1.8” long and measures 2.7cm / 1.1” at the widest point; the centrepiece lemon quartz briolette is 2.8cm / 1.1” long; the chain measures 52cm / 20.5"
Materials: eye clean lemon quartz, smooth garnet, AA micro-faceted peridot, sterling silver, fine silver
This pendant is an incarnation of my love to flowers and was created with a company of a little Calla Lily plant with cream and yellow flowers sitting on my work table. Hand crafted from scratch it took 11 hours of work and meters and meters of the thinnest fine silver wire. The wire was weaved on a hand shaped sterling silver frame to form light and airy petal embracing softly its heart - the lemon quartz briolette. Little garnets were weaved along the flower edges to add some natural contrast. To give an impression of a flower stem I added two garnet and four peridot beads to the chain. The clasp - hand shaped and then hammered - was embellished with two little garnet beads.

Archipelago - By Earrings By Erin

Archipelago - By Earrings By Erin
This pendant features an amazing 80 carat Chrysocolla gemstone in aqua blue, green and black. It has been set to maximise the beauty of the stone in sterling silver. The pendant measures 6.5cm long including the bail, and 3.5cm at widest point. The double sterling chain has a handcrafted clasp with extender chain. The chain measures 40cm and has 7.5cm extendability. The extender chain is adorned with a teal fresh water pearl. All metal is sterling silver and has been oxidised and polished to bring out detail.

Moonlit Luminescence - By Earrings By Erin

Moonlit Luminescence - By "Earrings by Erin"
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique

These ornate earrings feature 2 superb huge 18mm fluorite laser cut concave briolettes in a light teal colour. Clustered above them on tiny hand-made headpins is premium blue-green tourmaline. The studs are sterling and hand crafted in Thailand. The earrings have great movement and sparkle! They measure 4.5 cm long from the stud, 2.1cm at widest point. The studs measure 1cm round. The pictures don't do these earrings justice, they are much prettier in real life.All metal is sterling silver and has been oxidised and polished.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Grape Wine - By

Grape Wine - By Små Blå
Available exclusively at Wire Boutique

How do you make an attractive adjustable ring using wire wrapping technique? A ring that will look fabulous, hold its shape and preferably have a gorgeous gem wrapped to it. A problem I’ve been occupied with for quite some time now and I am so happy to finally have figured it out. I started with making a trial ring for myself and I’ve gotten so many compliments about it. It’s discreet, but still an eye catcher.
Handmade from scratch with love (and patience), silver wire and a stunning Amethyst faceted rectangle in the most beautiful dark purple/grape wine colour. I shaped a ring shank with 1,2mm thick sterling silver wire and gently, gently hammered it for strength and shape. With the help from the tension in the ring’s shank I fastened a coil made from different thicknesses of wire and to get a little sparkle I wire wrapped the Amethyst to the shank. I normally oxidise my jewellery, but for some reason this ring wanted to stay white and shiny. So I only gave it a gentle buff with polish and left it as it is.
The ring is 18mm in diameter in the position it is in the pictures i.e. in its most closed position. It can be adjusted to a slightly smaller or bigger size with about 1-3mm by squeezing the wrapped end with Amethyst under the coil or gently pulling it away from the coil. Well, it can actually be made much bigger then that, but due to the position of the Amethyst I wouldn’t recommend making it too big. Chances are the Amethyst will get hidden between the fingers then.
This ring is available for custom orders. Maybe you would like a different stone, a different size or maybe one in 14Kgold filled? Just contact The Wire Boutique with your requests. Please note delivery time is longer for customs order and will depend on what material you want and what I have on stock.

Lady Snowdon - By Gemheaven

Lady Snowdon - By Gemheaven
Available Exclusively At Wire Boutique

Meaurements: The focal Tanzanite measures just over 0.5" or 1.5cmThe complete focal is 2" or 5cm approx - and at it widest 1.5" or just under 4 cm approxThe chain measures in length 18"/ 45.5cm extending to 19" / 48cm
Materials: Tanzanite, blue topaz, kyanite, sterling silver, natural blue chalcedony.
Description This necklace was designed and created after reading a beautiful book called Here Be Dragons by Sharon Pennan. Totally created with the heroine Joanne - Lady of Snowdon - in mind, I made the necklace regal and elegant. This fabulous tanzanite focal in the centre wire-wrapped piece inspired the colour scheme which includes blue topaz, Kyanite, natural blue chalcedony and lemon Quartz. Creating a sumptious chain to compliment with outstanding blue topaz stepped ovals and blue kyanite rondelles wire-wrapped to meet the chain - I think just defines the beauty of this piece. The Lady of Snowdon is Joanna - wife of the Prince of Wales Llewellyn. Joan was never called Princess of Wales, but, in Welsh, "Lady of Wales". She died at the royal home, Garth Celyn, Aber Garth Celyn, on the north coast of Gwynedd in 1237. Llywelyn's great grief at her death is recorded; he founded a Franciscan friary on the seashore at Llanfaes, opposite the royal home, in her honour. The friary was consecrated in 1240, shortly before Llywelyn died. It was closed down in 1537 by Henry VIII of England during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.