Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Grape Wine - By

Grape Wine - By Små Blå
Available exclusively at Wire Boutique

How do you make an attractive adjustable ring using wire wrapping technique? A ring that will look fabulous, hold its shape and preferably have a gorgeous gem wrapped to it. A problem I’ve been occupied with for quite some time now and I am so happy to finally have figured it out. I started with making a trial ring for myself and I’ve gotten so many compliments about it. It’s discreet, but still an eye catcher.
Handmade from scratch with love (and patience), silver wire and a stunning Amethyst faceted rectangle in the most beautiful dark purple/grape wine colour. I shaped a ring shank with 1,2mm thick sterling silver wire and gently, gently hammered it for strength and shape. With the help from the tension in the ring’s shank I fastened a coil made from different thicknesses of wire and to get a little sparkle I wire wrapped the Amethyst to the shank. I normally oxidise my jewellery, but for some reason this ring wanted to stay white and shiny. So I only gave it a gentle buff with polish and left it as it is.
The ring is 18mm in diameter in the position it is in the pictures i.e. in its most closed position. It can be adjusted to a slightly smaller or bigger size with about 1-3mm by squeezing the wrapped end with Amethyst under the coil or gently pulling it away from the coil. Well, it can actually be made much bigger then that, but due to the position of the Amethyst I wouldn’t recommend making it too big. Chances are the Amethyst will get hidden between the fingers then.
This ring is available for custom orders. Maybe you would like a different stone, a different size or maybe one in 14Kgold filled? Just contact The Wire Boutique with your requests. Please note delivery time is longer for customs order and will depend on what material you want and what I have on stock.

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