Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Ruby Temptation - By Blue Almonds

Measurements: the focal motif is 5cm/2” long and 4cm/1.6” at the widest point; the focal Golden Rutile Quartz cabochon is 2.7cm/1” long; the chain measures 64cm/25.6”
Materials: eye clean Golden Rutile Quartz, smooth Rubies, sterling silver and fine silver This is another fruity design for this autumn - Ruby Temptation. The focal motif was hand formed into an apple shape which holds in the centre quartz cabochon - glowing with inner light and with golden needle inclusions of rutile. Wire wrapped with fine silver and sterling silver the pendant was decorated with vibrant red rubies as well as the chain and the hand made clasp which was embellished with one ruby bead.

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