Friday, 5 June 2009

Release Me Part Three - By SophiesC

Release Me Part Three - By SophiesC

Measurements: Size of pendant (excluding drop): 2.1x1.5 cm Length of chain: 73 cm

I am the rain that's coming down on you

That you shielded yourself from with a roof

I am a fire burning desperately but you're controlling me

Release me

Release me

This necklace is the last in my series of jewelry inspired by the wonderful song "release me" By the swedish band "Oh Laura"

In this piece I really wanted to portray the image of the desperate fire trying fruitlessly to brake through it's shell as well as the rain that on the contrary is longing to get in and reach contact. The ball is constructed by 6 pieces of hand forged wire and put together by the weaving of a thinner wire around it. I wanted to challange myself with these pieces and make shapes that were new and demanded a whole now level of difficulty compared to my other pieces. The final necklace that came out of it was then oxidized to enhance detail and bring an antique feel to it.

The beads used are crystal quartz, hessonite garnet, petro tourmaline, sunstone and citrine.

The chain is also decorated with beads. It's a long necklace that can be shortnened upon demand. All metal parts are sterling silver.

Seafoam - Sterling Silver & Feshwater Pearl Wire-Warpped Pendant Necklace - By Mgypsy

Seafoam - Sterling Silver & Freshwater Pearl Wure-Wrapped necklace - By Mgypsy

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Measurements: pendant - 3,3 x 2,3 cm, chain - 50 cm

Materials: Sterling silver, fresh water pearls

This small drop-shaped pendant has been made from scratch with sterling silver. The organic vines have been adorned with beautiful graphite and tiny silvery pearls. The pendant and chain have been oxidised and hand-polished.