Friday, 31 October 2008

Daman - By Lilithu (Guest Designer)

Daman - By Lilithu
Measurements: Silver focal - 3.1 x 2.7 cm Focal with briolette and earwires - 72cmm
Delicate earrings in gorgeous browns and olive greens. Lovely wire design has been closed in very intricate frames and adorned with tiny tundra sapphires. At the bottom hang clusters of small tourmalines and large olive quartz briolettes. Earrings are finished with fancy earwires. They have been oxidized and polished.

Kelaeno - By Gemheaven

Kelaeno - By Gemheaven

Measurements ~ Focal 20 mm/ 0.75" Focal Drop ~ 80mm / 3" (at longest point) Necklace length ~ 17" / 43cm extending to 19" /
Materials ~ Labradorite, Pink Amethyst, Iolite, Apatite Metals ~ sterling silver, fine silver
Named after one of the three Harpies ~ Kelaeno was the goddess of Storms. With the powerful blend of blues and flashy Labradorite complimented by the mystery of oxidised silver ~ this necklace is extremely elegant and will enhance any outfit. Starting with a beautifully wire wrapped rings - with fine silver vines wrapped internally and externally, sterling silver chains with labradorite hang delicately from a cluster of Iolite, Apatite, labradorite and pink amethyst. At the top of the hand wired ring is a complimenting cluster before a dainty wire wrapped chain made from labradorite faceted rounds, follwed by a delicate sterling silver chain. A dainty hook clasp finishes the piece with an extension chain, labradorite round and my "gemheaven" tag.

Spiced Pear - By Amari

Spiced Pear - By Amari
Length: 49,5 cm
Focal incl.bail: 7,5 cm
Width of wire wrapped ring: 3cm
Focal briolette: 18 x 12.5 x 7.5mm, 8 carat
Sterling silver wire
Tunduru Sapphire faceted rondelles and briolettes
Citrine faceted chubby briolettes
Faceted Olive Quartz briolette
Price incl. p&p:
£ 146
The ????????? necklace features a focal divided in two parts – one silver part and one gem part. Both of them intricate in their own way and both of them working together to form a beautiful necklace that can be worn both daytime and evening time. With jeans and a top, it will display an understated elegance for work. Switch to something more formal and let the elegance bloom.
The silver part of the focal is a soldered frame of 1,6 mm sterling silver wire that I hammered flat. I wanted the frame to be embellished somehow so I made silver pearls by melting silver and soldered them on to the frame. I then wire wrapped the frame with hair thin wire and for balance I added a few laps of thicker wire. Within the main ring, I added a smaller oval that I covered completely by weaving hair thin wire over it.
The big silver pearl in the middle has some imperfections on the surface. I could say that it’s completely intentional and that it is my artistic way of showing imperfection in a, in many other ways, perfect world. That would, of course, be complete nonsense. The truth is, the core of the pearl cooled off slower then the surface of the pearl and thus creating these little cavities on the surface. But I liked it! So I kept it as it is, and only gave it a slight sanding.
Below the silver part of the focal, the gems form a spectacular cluster. The main briolette is a stunning 8 carat Olive Quartz faceted briolette with beautiful olive-brownish colour. On top of the Olive Quartz, tendrils of faceted briolettes and rondelles of Tunduru Sapphires cascades down accompanied by faceted briolettes of golden yellow Citrine.
The focal hangs from a simple chain that ends with my hand made hook style clasp.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bengal - By Lilithu

Bengal - by Lilithu
Measure: Focal - 7.5 x 5 cm (silver focal), 12cm (with rings and briolette) Chain - 67cm (+7cm - chain is regulated)
This beautiful and unique pendant features a spectrum of fabulous Fall colours. The body of the pendant, with it's feminine shape and intricate wrapping, was created using fine and sterling silver wire, beaded with little Tundra sapphires. Swinging from the bottom is flawless Whiskey quartz briolette. The pendant hangs from a long chain adorned with wonderful tourmaline heart briolettes and tiny, hand-made, fine silver rounds. The end of the chain is finished with hand-made clasp. The pendant has been strongly oxidized to keep autumnal character of the design.

Goddess - By Gemheaven

Goddess - By Gemheaven
Measurements ~Hoops are 3cm / 1.25" approx with gemstone drop increasing the hoops to 1.5" /4cm
Handcrafted wire hoops with a cluster of beautiful gems trailing from them ~ fabulously eyecatching with the feminine swish! I have wire-wrapped sterling silver chain to the hoops and added to it , amethyst onion briolettes , Keishi pearls and Mystic pink quartz. Oxidised and hand-polished to achieve that mysterious look, these earrings will look fabulous day or night. These can be made with your own choice of colours.

Weaving The Rainbow - By Blue Almonds

Weaving The Rainbow - By Blue Almonds

Measurements: the earrings are 9.5cm/3.6” long in total and 2.5cm/1.0” wide the widest point
Materials: AAA micro-faceted yellow sapphire rondelles, AA garnet faceted marquises, spinel and kyanite micro-faceted rondelles, sterling silver
This very feminine design was, similarly to the Weaving Autumn Mist pendant, inspired by one of Rene Lalique masterpieces - the Peacock Brooch. This time, however, the hues are more vibrant and full of joy. It recalls the colour palette of a rainbow which I often see here in the Scottish Highlands when frequent and sudden showers together with strong autumn sunshine create heavenly arches; or like the turning leaves of sycamore tree I see on the hills.
The wavy hand crafted frame was delicately hammered and then gracefully weaved and wrapped with meters and meters of sterling silver wire to create a delicate net. To give the impression of a rainbow I used multicolor spinels at the bottom of the frame. I then added little strong blue kyanites in one corner of each earring, like a piece of clear blue sky. Yellow sapphires are like the sunrays - sparkling and shining with gold and warmth. I adorned each earring with a beautiful deep crimson garnet marquise to evoke the true rainbow red.

Calvados - By Mgypsy

Calvados - By Mgypsy
Measurements: Total length: 5.4 cm
Materials: Fine and Sterling Silver, Copper, Cognac Quartz, Tourmaline, Garnet, Sapphire & Citrine
Description: These very organic autumnal earrings have been made from scratch with sterling, fine silver and brass wire. Below the rustic hand-made focals (1.5 cm) hang gorgeous large (17x17mm) polished Cognac Quartz biolettes adorned with beautiful clusters of green and brown tourmaline, light citrine, claret garnet and sunny sapphire rondelles. The earrings have been oxidised and hand-polished.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Leaves Of Lothlorien By Zaplecione (Guest Designer)

Leaves Of Lothlorien - By Zaplecione (Guest Designer)
This set of bracelet and earings was designed because od Autumn, "Lord of The Rings" and beautiful elfs, who still live somewhere around us. The main boast of this bracelet is ornamental fastering, made with sterling and fine silver, sterling silver beads and lemon quartz rodelles. Two parts of fastening are connected with 3 piece of sterling silver chain, adorned with: lemon quartz rondelles (4-5 mm), sterling silver beads (2.5 mm), tiny lilac freshwater pearls (1.8 mm). Both pieces of fastening were adorned with beautiful champagne quartz briolettes (10mmx7mm). Length with ornamental fastening- 18.2 cm.
The earrings match with the bracelet very well - were made with sterling and fine silver wires, lemon quartz rondelles and champagne quartz briolettes (gems dimensions as mentioned above). Total length (including sterling silver earposts) almost 5 cm. Jewerly was oxidised and polished to bring out the beauty of the gemstones and subtlety of coils.

Ravissant - By Orgellan

Ravissant - By Orgellan

Measurements: Necklace length is 17 inches (43cm) extending to 20 inches (51cm) and the pendant is 3 inches (7.5cm) in length.
Materials: 24k Gold Vermeil, 14k Gold Filled, Rose Quartz, Kunzite, Mauve and Cream Freshwater Pearls.
Description: Old world glamour and femininity collide with modern elegance in this romantic and beguiling necklace, that wouldn't look out of place adorning the neck of a leading lady in a period drama. An exquisite faceted baguette cut gemstone of rare Kunzite, takes centre stage in the centre of the wire wrapped pendant, adorned with handwoven flourishes. The framework of the pendant has then been encusted with tiny Freshwater Pearls, Rose Quartz rondelles and dainty 24k Gold Vermeil beads. At the base suspended a magnificent AAA Rose Quartz smooth briolette - divinely elegant, this pendant appears to glow from within. The pendant has been attached to lengths of 24k Gold Vermeil chain via individually woven links of Kunzite including both Baguette cut and smooth opaque nuggets, with Freshwater Pearls to finish. The necklace is fastened with a secure lobster clasp, and is fitted with an extender chain, finished with coordinating Kunzite gemstone.

Silver Leaves

Silver Leaves

Meaurements: Chain 45 cm Pendant: total drop 9cm Leafs: 7,5 cm / 5,5 cm / 3,5 cm long
Materials: Sterling silver wire
Description: My signature leaf in a new sleek version and in a combination of soldered and wire wrapped elements. I started by shaping three different sized leaves in 1.6 mm sterling silver wire and soldered them closed. The smallest leaf was then wire wrapped and woven with hair thin wire, before I gently curved the leafs for depth. To continue the sleek impression, I made a big oval bail to let them hang from and ended with a smooth silver snake chain. The leafs and the bail have all been annealed and polished to a high shine (the smallest leaf before I wrapped it) and the chain is a high polished, non tarnish chain. Nevertheless I recommend you give this necklace an occasional cleaning to keep it white and shining. You might also want to store it in a closed zip-lock bag. I know – not a very charming way to store your jewellery – but it does keep air out and by that prevents oxidising.

Heart Of princess - By Zaplecione

Heart Of Princess - By Zaplecione
Almost every girl wanted to be a princess once upon a time. Anyway - I wanted to ;) in my preschool age. For the Christmas Party my dad used to make me a paperboard crown, decorated with silverpaper and flowers and my mom would sew a princess gown - red in most cases. And I was ready to go to the ball, where Santa Claus handed toys and sweets out. Only thanks to old photos I may see now how gorgeous princess I once was. These fond memories were my inspiration in designing these earings, made with sterling and fine silver wires, topaz briolettes (9mmx5mm) and pink garnet rondelles (3mm). They glow pink by pink topaz and garnet, delicate and fabulous. Old-fashioned.
The heart frames measure 2.2cm x 2.3 cm (including ornamental post). Total length - 4 cm Earrings were oxidized and polished to bring out the coils and give more old-fashioned look.


Meaurements: Adjustable, will fit any size From swirl to swirl – 8cm wide Neck – 1 cm wide
Materials: 14K gold filled wire, faceted rondelles of blue African Sapphire
Description: For the Queen in you! The Stardust necklace is a dramatic, decadently opulent and exceedingly comfortable wire wrapped open choker style necklace. The style is highly flattering and can with a little gentle tweaking be made to fit snug around any neck. Following the gentle curve of the neck I shaped 1.6 mm thick gold filled wire to a choker style frame and wrapped it completely with hair thin gold filled wire. I filled the frame lavishly to the brim with gorgeous faceted rondelles of sparkly blue African Sapphires, increasing the width by adding more rows of Sapphires, in the front of the necklace. The gold and the blue compliment each other perfectly and give a regal flair to the necklace. Due to the size and shape of the Stardust, it will not fit in standards size gift boxes. I am in the process of finding custom made boxes, but I fear it may still take some time. Do not hesitate to contact Wire Boutique if you have any questions regarding this.

Indian Summer - By Orgellan

Indian Summer - By Orgellan

Measurements: Measured from the top of the earhook to the base of the focal gemstone: 2.5 inches (6cm)
Materials: Cognac Quartz, Spessartite Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Garnet, Citrine, 14k Gold Filled
Description: The warmth of the late summer sun, as golden leaves tumble and blow in the breeze - The Indian Summer earrings are laden with exquisite golden toned gemstones including magnificent AAA Cognac Quartz focals, carved leaves of Spessartite Garnet, Citrine Briolettes and rondelles of Smokey Quartz, Garnet, Spessartite Garnet and Citrine. Each of the gems have been meticulously woven on to hand- formed circular frames with integral ear-hooks. The shape of the design sits beautifully on the ear, are ightweight and easy to wear and in colours that are perfect for the Autumn and beyond.

Weaving Autumn Mist - By Blue Almonds

Weavig Autumn Mist - By Blue Almonds
Measurements: The centrepiece is 9.5cm/3.6” long and 4cm/1.6” wide the widest point; the chain measures 36cm/14.1” and can be extended to 42cm/16.2“
Materials: AAA micro-faceted yellow sapphire and mandarin garnet rondelles, eye clean lemon quartz twisted briolettes and smokey quartz marquise, andalusite heart briolettes, sterling silver
Here in the north of Scotland we are now experiencing Autumn in its full splendor. Chilly and misty mornings, hills turning brown and trees slowly loosing their leaves - they all together create melancholic atmosphere when you dream of hot chocolate by the fireplace or at least a candle. One such evening I was browsing one of my beloved books with photos of Rene Lalique designs - the essence of Art Nouveau - and I was contemplating the Peacock Brooch… and that was the beginning of the Weaving Autumn Mist pendant. The hand crafted from scratch frame was delicately hammered to achieve the light and airy silhouette. It was then painstainkingly weaved and wrapped with meters and meters of sterling silver wire to create a delicate misty net. Lemon and smoke quartz are of the truly autumny brown-golden palette and andalusite briolettes add to it a beautiful chocolaty-golden-green sparkle. I also added sweet tiny yellow sapphire and golden-orange mandarin garnet rondelles to give some warmth and sun-like sparkle to the pendant. It was hung on small belcher sterling silver chain with hand shaped clasps, embellished with two little yellow sapphire beads. The extension chain is decorated with one smoke quartz marquise.