Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Silver Leaves

Silver Leaves

Meaurements: Chain 45 cm Pendant: total drop 9cm Leafs: 7,5 cm / 5,5 cm / 3,5 cm long
Materials: Sterling silver wire
Description: My signature leaf in a new sleek version and in a combination of soldered and wire wrapped elements. I started by shaping three different sized leaves in 1.6 mm sterling silver wire and soldered them closed. The smallest leaf was then wire wrapped and woven with hair thin wire, before I gently curved the leafs for depth. To continue the sleek impression, I made a big oval bail to let them hang from and ended with a smooth silver snake chain. The leafs and the bail have all been annealed and polished to a high shine (the smallest leaf before I wrapped it) and the chain is a high polished, non tarnish chain. Nevertheless I recommend you give this necklace an occasional cleaning to keep it white and shining. You might also want to store it in a closed zip-lock bag. I know – not a very charming way to store your jewellery – but it does keep air out and by that prevents oxidising.

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The 7th Crow Jewelry said...

Love the simplicity of this design. So elegant and classy.