Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Bengal - By Lilithu

Bengal - by Lilithu
Measure: Focal - 7.5 x 5 cm (silver focal), 12cm (with rings and briolette) Chain - 67cm (+7cm - chain is regulated)
This beautiful and unique pendant features a spectrum of fabulous Fall colours. The body of the pendant, with it's feminine shape and intricate wrapping, was created using fine and sterling silver wire, beaded with little Tundra sapphires. Swinging from the bottom is flawless Whiskey quartz briolette. The pendant hangs from a long chain adorned with wonderful tourmaline heart briolettes and tiny, hand-made, fine silver rounds. The end of the chain is finished with hand-made clasp. The pendant has been strongly oxidized to keep autumnal character of the design.

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Sleepy Moon Design said...

Oh my god! Gorgeous wire wrapping!!!!