Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Meaurements: Adjustable, will fit any size From swirl to swirl – 8cm wide Neck – 1 cm wide
Materials: 14K gold filled wire, faceted rondelles of blue African Sapphire
Description: For the Queen in you! The Stardust necklace is a dramatic, decadently opulent and exceedingly comfortable wire wrapped open choker style necklace. The style is highly flattering and can with a little gentle tweaking be made to fit snug around any neck. Following the gentle curve of the neck I shaped 1.6 mm thick gold filled wire to a choker style frame and wrapped it completely with hair thin gold filled wire. I filled the frame lavishly to the brim with gorgeous faceted rondelles of sparkly blue African Sapphires, increasing the width by adding more rows of Sapphires, in the front of the necklace. The gold and the blue compliment each other perfectly and give a regal flair to the necklace. Due to the size and shape of the Stardust, it will not fit in standards size gift boxes. I am in the process of finding custom made boxes, but I fear it may still take some time. Do not hesitate to contact Wire Boutique if you have any questions regarding this.

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