Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Weaving Autumn Mist - By Blue Almonds

Weavig Autumn Mist - By Blue Almonds
Measurements: The centrepiece is 9.5cm/3.6” long and 4cm/1.6” wide the widest point; the chain measures 36cm/14.1” and can be extended to 42cm/16.2“
Materials: AAA micro-faceted yellow sapphire and mandarin garnet rondelles, eye clean lemon quartz twisted briolettes and smokey quartz marquise, andalusite heart briolettes, sterling silver
Here in the north of Scotland we are now experiencing Autumn in its full splendor. Chilly and misty mornings, hills turning brown and trees slowly loosing their leaves - they all together create melancholic atmosphere when you dream of hot chocolate by the fireplace or at least a candle. One such evening I was browsing one of my beloved books with photos of Rene Lalique designs - the essence of Art Nouveau - and I was contemplating the Peacock Brooch… and that was the beginning of the Weaving Autumn Mist pendant. The hand crafted from scratch frame was delicately hammered to achieve the light and airy silhouette. It was then painstainkingly weaved and wrapped with meters and meters of sterling silver wire to create a delicate misty net. Lemon and smoke quartz are of the truly autumny brown-golden palette and andalusite briolettes add to it a beautiful chocolaty-golden-green sparkle. I also added sweet tiny yellow sapphire and golden-orange mandarin garnet rondelles to give some warmth and sun-like sparkle to the pendant. It was hung on small belcher sterling silver chain with hand shaped clasps, embellished with two little yellow sapphire beads. The extension chain is decorated with one smoke quartz marquise.

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