Thursday, 29 May 2008

Wire Boutique - Who Are We?

We are a group of independent wire artisans from the UK & Ireland. We design & create fine gemstone jewellery using beads & precious metal wire. We display our latest & finest work here:


Blue Almonds

All our artists create each piece by hand, from start to finish, and many are cleverly consructed without the need for any soldering. We are all based in the UK or Ireland, except our “guest designers”, who are located all over the globe, and we all use the difficult technique of wire-wrapping in our work. We also share a passion for beautiful gemstones, which you will find featured in almost all our jewellery, and we use only the finest materials we can lay our hands on. Our designs vary greatly in style, but all are finished to an exceptionally high standard, and many are completely unique. Each designer wishing to join our site must first pass a “voting in” process, where each current member will vote the applicant in our out, on the basis of the quality of their most recent work. The pass rate to qualify is kept deliberately high, in order to preserve the exclusivity of the group and, more importantly, the standard of the work presented. We are very proud of our independence as artists, but we are also proud to be members of such a very unique group of very talented designers, working together to promote awareness of the kind of spectacularly beautiful results that can be achieved when adding a simple product such as wire to a selection of gemstone beads. We hope you love our work, and find great pleasure in wearing it.

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