Monday, 9 February 2009

Flink - By SofiesC

Flink: 14ct Gold Filled Crystal Quartz wire-Wrapped Earrings - By SofiesC

Materials: gold filled wire, rock crystal quartz and gold filled beads.

This is a gold filled version of the Pella earrings. This time the shape is a bit softer and drop shaped. These are also a bit bigger than the silver pair. The stone used is a concave cut rock crystal quartz. I love the swirly victorian shape of these. The gold filled wire has been shaped and hammered and just as in the pella earrings the shape of the wire construction is accented by the shape of the bead.

The Pella earrings were the name of one of my most inspiring art teachers. I named these after my other inspiration. The softer more sensitive version of Pella, HÃ¥kan Flink.

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