Monday, 9 February 2009

Misty Evening - By Sma Bla

Misty Evening: Sterling Silver Olive Quartz, Citrine & Sapphire Wire-Wrapped Necklace - By Sma Bla

Measurements: Length: 49.5 cm Focal incl.bail: 7.5 cm Width of wire wrapped ring: 3cm Focal briolette: 18 x 12.5 x 7.5mm, 8 carat

Materials: Sterling silver wire Tunduru Sapphire faceted rondelles and briolettes Citrine faceted chubby briolettes Faceted Olive Quartz briolette Price incl.

The Misty Evening necklace features a focal divided in two parts – one silver part and one gem part. Both of them intricate in their own way and both of them working together to form a beautiful necklace that can be worn both daytime and evening time. With jeans and a top, it will display an understated elegance for work. Switch to something more formal and let the elegance bloom.

The silver part of the focal is a soldered frame of 1,6 mm sterling silver wire that I hammered flat. I wanted the frame to be embellished somehow so I made silver pearls by melting silver and soldered them on to the frame. I then wire wrapped the frame with hair thin wire and for balance I added a few laps of thicker wire. Within the main ring, I added a smaller oval that I covered completely by weaving hair thin wire over it.

The big silver pearl in the middle has some imperfections on the surface. I could say that it’s completely intentional and that it is my artistic way of showing imperfection in a, in many other ways, perfect world. That would, of course, be complete nonsense. The truth is, the core of the pearl cooled off slower then the surface of the pearl and thus creating these little cavities on the surface. But I liked it! So I kept it as it is, and only gave it a slight sanding.

Below the silver part of the focal, the gems form a spectacular cluster. The main briolette is a stunning 8 carat Olive Quartz faceted briolette with beautiful olive-brownish colour. On top of the Olive Quartz, tendrils of faceted briolettes and rondelles of Tunduru Sapphires cascades down accompanied by faceted briolettes of golden yellow Citrine.

The focal hangs from a simple chain that ends with my hand made hook style clasp.

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